Ayurvedic Health Consultations

    Ayurvedic Health Consultations are an all-inclusive consultation which integrates all modalities of healing we offer into a complete whole. This consultation emphasizes on how to create and maintain balanced health of body, mind, and spirit. The session begins with a health history intake, moves into a conversation about current health goals and/or obstacles, and finishes with a succinct analysis of health with detailed health and lifestyle recommendations tailored to the individual.
     After the first meeting, where all the goals are identified and clarified, we have three brief follow up sessions. Either by phone, email, or in-person we help follow through with the health goals by working with you as a health coach. In doing this we aim to provide mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual support for your wellness.

                                                       $150 for one time,

                                                   $250 for the entire month,

                                                        $500 for 6 months

 Gifts & Services
Panacea Holistic Health offers gifts and most services on a suggested donation basis. We also willingly offer community services to help support our communities in Maine.

Nutritional Health Consultations

Nutritional consultations are based upon the natural healing aphorism, “Let thy food by thy medicine,” from the famed Hippocratic oath. Food is so crucial to maintaining our life that it is often overlooked in its ability to heal our ailments. The list of dietary influences on disease grows longer and so in this age, of fast food and slow digestion, it is wise to become informed about nutrition.

Our nutritional consults provide insight into beginner and intermediate nutritional knowledge. After adequate information has been provided we spend time discussing possible lifestyle changes and the benefits of specific plants and diets.

Starting at $75 for consultation

Guided Meditation Session

Guided meditations are tailored toward specific goals or obstacles one is facing in their quest for healing. Such meditations can be used to connect with deeper and more truthful aspects of oneself. Guided meditations can also be useful in transcending previously difficult habits.

$50 per session or 5 sessions for $200

Progressive Relaxation 

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A progressive relaxation technique is a powerful approach towards deep meditative and insightful states of awareness. The therapist guides the person through a series of suggestions in order to help him/her to access deep states of relaxation. Advanced training and practice support a person to cope with chronic and acute pain with great ease. .

Starting at $50 per session or 5 sessions for $200

Transformational Breathing

Transformational breathing is a series of breathing rhythms and patterns that facilitate higher states of consciousness. The breath is a powerful tool for revitalizing the whole health of the human organism simply because it is the main channel of bringing new energy and releasing old stagnant energy. Emotional releases and other psychological benefits are common with these techniques.

$50 per session or 5 sessions for $200 


Hypnotherapy, with the astonishing amount of misconceptions surrounding it, remains a tremendously helpful approach for holistic health. Hypno stands for sleep and therefore hypnotherapy can be utilized by anyone who wishes to explore their inner world for healing.

Sessions starting at $75

5 sessions for $275

Reiki Healing 

Healing energy

Reiki healing stands for universal energetic healing. Each living being is a conduit for inconceivable power which runs through us in specific channels known as nadis and chakras in Sanskrit and meridians in Chinese medicine. The ancients say that when these channels flow without obstruction then we have health; if not we can get a disease. Reiki healing helps to clear blockages from these channels and reestablish the healthy flow of energy through the body.

$45 per session or 5 sessions for $175

Qi Gong

Qi gong is an aspect of Chinese medicine with similar aims as Reiki healing. The difference between them is that Qi gong is a slow-moving gentle exercise with subtle postures and motions. These exercises are a great part of a healthy lifestyle because the gentle movements are easy on the joints, great for circulation, and very relaxing.
                         Sessions start at $50 
                      $100 for a group less than 5

Palm Reading

The Sanskrit scriptures that deal with the lines on the hand is known as Hasta Rekha Sastra. The Hasta Rekha Sastra details what the lines and symbols are, which ones are common or rare on the palm and their symbolic meaning in one’s life. A palm reading will reveal these things as well as planetary alignments, health, career, romance, and many other aspects of life. Plus there is always room for a little mystery to take place during a reading!

$50 per session

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