Holistic Care

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Holistic Health Consultations
    Holistic Health Consultations are an all-inclusive consultation which integrates all modalities of healing we offer into a complete whole. This consultation emphasizes on how to create and maintain balanced health of body, mind, and spirit. The session begins with a health history intake, moves into a conversation about current health goals and/or obstacles, and finishes with a succinct analysis of health with detailed health and lifestyle recommendations tailored to the individual.
     After the first meeting, where all the goals are identified and clarified, we have three brief follow up sessions. Either by phone, email, or in-person we help follow through with the health goals by working with you as a health coach. In doing this we aim to provide mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual support for your wellness.

                              Starting at $100 for the entire month, $500 for 6 months 

 Gifts & Services
Panacea Holistic Health offers gifts and most services on a suggested donation basis. We also willingly offer community services to help support our communities in Maine.
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