Vaisnava Seva Fund

Welcome to Panacea’s Vaisnava Seva Fund page! This fund has been created in order to offer scholarship opportunities for Vaisnavas and Vaisnavis in need. Not sure what a Vaisnava is? In a broad sense it’s everyone! A Vaisnava is a servant of God and since all beings are in essence servants of God, just like all parts of a tree serve the whole tree, all beings are Vaisnavas.
More specifically a Vaisnava is a person who has received Vaisnava mantras, like Harinama Mahamantra and Gayatri mantras, from a bona fide Guru. This fund has been arranged for those Vaisnavas who have taken to the path of bhakti yoga under the shelter of a pure devotee and require assistance due to dire circumstances.
Here are the criteria for receiving a scholarship from Panacea Holistic Health. The Applicant:
A) Must be a practicing Vaisnava- with referrals from other Vaisnavas.
B) Must have a need that cannot be met effectively through other social programs.
C) Must provide proof of the issue and be willing to demonstrate responsible use of the scholarship.
D) Must be willing to give consent for a background check.

Full Disclosure

This fund will be sustained entirely by donations from patrons and as such will be under precise scrutiny in order to ensure that the funds are used as intended. Due to the administrative costs of operating this program, and the overall mission of Panacea Holistic Health to create bhakti ashrams, a portion of the donations received will be going towards the creation of ashrams and temples. To demonstrate our organization’s transparency we would like to make it known that on donations less than one thousand dollars ($1,000) 85% of the donation will go directly to the fund while 15% remains to cover the ongoing costs of the program. On donations less than $5,000, 90% of the donation will go directly to the fund, while all donations above $5,000, 95% of the donation will go directly to the fund.
Once the fund reaches a total of $2,000 we will begin offering four $500 scholarships to qualified applicants. Should the fund exceed $5,000 we will begin offering three $1,000 scholarships, and at $10,000 the fund will make six $500, three $1,000, and two $2,000 scholarships available. If the fund ever exceeds $50,000 this page will be adjusted to account for new scholarships.

An account of the amount of funds available will be displayed on this page in the organization’s website and made available upon request. At the beginning of each season a statement will be made, on our website and social media platforms, which displays the amount of funds the program has received during the past season. Each time a scholarship is issued a brief report will be made which describes the general information regarding the fund disbursement and an update on this website will be made to the amount of money available for scholarship.
Once an individual has successfully applied for and received a Panacea scholarship that individual will be unable to apply again for another scholarship for one year after the date of fund disbursement. In the event of an intentional misuse of funds the applicant will be barred from all future scholarship opportunities and be required to recompensate Panacea Holistic Health.

So, how’s it work?

  1. Send an email to with a description of the situation in need of support.
  2. Receive an email with an application for the scholarship opportunity.
  3. Fill out the application and resend it to
  4. Our team will be in touch soon!

Fundraising Progress

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