Lifetime Memberships

Radha~Govinda Asrama Lifetime Memberships


Platnium 2.5k minimum donation
1) Free Holistic Health consultation every season
2) 2 weeks free stay at our retreat center per year
3) 5 free Holistic therapy sessions per year including Reiki, private personalized yoga sessions, Qi gong lessons, hypnotherapy, and many more.


Meteorite level
5k minimum donation
Includes all benefits of Platinum level plus:
1) Free educational/certifying events on certifications like 200 hr yoga cert, permaculture design, cobb building, herbalism, and many more.
2) 10 free Holistic therapy sessions each year
3) Total of 4 weeks free stay at the retreat center each year
4) 85% discount on all services and products


Star level
10k minimum donation
All benefits of previous levels plus
1) Total of 8 weeks stay at the retreat center each year
2) 95% off all products and services
3) 40 free Holistic therapy sessions each year
4) Opportunities to become co-steward of the ashram/ retreat center. Includes base level salary and/or interest returns depending on level of engagement.

Natural Healing
Spiritual Transformation