Progress on the Ashrama

Here we are chronicling the building and expansion of the Ashrama

Below are the goals completed in 2020-2021 as well as future plans for 2022

In 2020 we: 
1) Began our Membership program.
2) Signed several new Members.
3) Purchased 3 acres of land in Orland Maine for the future ashram ($11,500)
4) Purchased the first 16.5ft yurt ($3,600)

In 2021 we:
1) Cleared trees and brush from select areas of the land.
2) Hand shoveled half of the gravel driveway.
3) Financed the other half of the driveway with a donation received from an anonymous donor ($3,000).
4) Transported a RV that was donated to our mission to the ashram land.
5) Brought dozens of wheelbarrows full of stone to the location where the buildings will be built.
6) Began Panacea’s Holistic Health Alliance- a team of natural healers to help the communities in Maine gain better access to natural and alternative methods for health care.
7) Hosted and organized a program with Sripad Santa Maharaja- a monk in the renounced order of bhakti yoga.

Our Goals for 2022:
1) Sign up new members.
2) Get our herbal products into stores.
3) Host a sannyasi program or two.
4) Get the driveway extended to the building location at the top of the first hill.
5) Stumps removed from building site.
6) Put our first yurt up.
7) Purchase second yurt (optional).
8) Install electricity at the ashram.

Please stay in touch and reach out to ask us how we are marching toward the creation of Maine’s first Sri Sri Radha Krsna ashram and sustainable living center!

$20,000 of $50,000 raised so far

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