Radha~Govinda Ashrama

      We at Panacea Holistic Health are very glad to welcome you to the description of Maine’s first bhakti yoga ashram (self-sustainable and spiritually oriented eco-village community). Bhakti is a Sanskrit word meaning the process of attaining devotional loving service to The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krsna. The main mission for the ashram will be for the residents and visitors to have an opportunity to advance in bhakti and there will be numerous aspects that will support and synergize the attainment of the love of Krsna (God). Such activities will include a wide variety of ecologically-oriented programs, natural healing retreats, long-term rejuvenation residential programs, the study of the ancient scriptures from India called the Vedas, and a bhakti yoga program where advanced practitioners of yoga can come and speak about the love of Godhead.

      By modeling the ashram, affectionately named Radha-Govinda’s ashram, according to the principles set forth in the Vedas we will aim at creating a small village whose purpose is to achieve the highest enlightenment of yoga, bhakti. The ashram will have many ways that the residents can be engaged in service of God such as: facilitating the worship activities in the temple building, serving in Govinda’s (God’s) garden, helping with the retreats at the ashram, maintaining daily necessities of offering food and worship to the Lord, and keeping the high standard of cleanliness set forth in the Vedas. These programs will benefit the outlying communities surrounding the ashram by making the programs available to visitors who are interested in topics related to yoga, sustainable living, and natural healing.

Thank you for your donations!

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